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Carlo Carbajal


Decor Design + Brand Development + Illustration


Award-Winning Decor Design, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Brand Development, Illustration.

Every store location offers a matrix of visual cues and subtle storylines that can reveal the life of its community. Decoding the matrix is my specialty. I have developed a successful formula for delivering unique visual positioning, informed creative direction, and innovative decor packages that EMBRACE A COMMUNITY. 


SPECIALTY / Retail decor design that engages a community and represents the values of a brand through innovation, creative collaboration, and green design principles.


POSITION  / Design firm supplying retail decor design and project management to Whole Foods Markets. Turnkey interior and exterior decor packages / Concept - Design - Presentation - Fabrication - Installation / Designed over 28 stores in Arizona, California, Hawaii , Nevada.


MANAGEMENT / Collaborate with architecture and construction teams. Lead art directors, designers, and illustrators to design solutions. Manage demo, paint, fabrication, and installation vendors. Negotiate artistic and photographic contracts, stock art and typography licensing.


COMPONENTS /  Lead design for all elements of a retail design packages. Manage all facets of the decor program implementation including design, architecture, illustration, fabrication, installation. Innovation and technology leader with sustainable design intent. 

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